For any car

QuickRak is designed to work with just about any car, especially urban compacts that won’t accommodate junk in the trunk.

For any bike

QuickRak is designed to fit just about any kind of handle bar set up, no matter how tricked out, twisted, or turned-up your bars are.

Take it to go

QuickRak is the only rack small enough to fit under your saddle, in your bag, or even in your glove compartment.

Never get stranded

Doing a one-way ride? Too far from home? In a rain storm? Snapped your chain or busted your ride? If you’ve got QuickRak, all is not lost.

Light but strong

QuickRak won’t weigh you down as you peddle up hills, but it’s plenty tough to take twists and turns while it’s on your roof.

Save your cash

For the cost of a traditional rack your can get a QuickRak for your bike, car, office and still have beer money left over. Here’s to you.

Better fuel efficiency

QuickRak is the most aerodynamic rack (because it’s not on your roof most of the time), which saves on fuel and reduces your carbon footprint.

Confound criminals

Permanent racks are constantly getting stolen off cars in urban areas. With QuickRak there’s nothing to permanently attach.

For Bikers

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For Retailers

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— Low minimum order size
— Innovative product design
— Attractive / sustainable packaging

We're two friends who realized that it would be rad to invent a bike rack that bikers could take with them in case they ever needed a ride unexpectedly. The idea resonated with us because we'd found ourselves in exactly this situation on several occasions (bike to a bar + too much beer + too many hills in San Francisco). It turned out that the idea appealed to a bunch of other people as well, so we thought we'd give it a try. We've got a combined background in engineering, design, product development and marketing, so how hard could it be? We committed to working/drinking on it one night a week ....two years, many prototypes, and several testing days later we emerged from the garage with QuickRak. It was really fun turning the idea into reality, we hope you like it.